Our objective is to empower and encourage the youth in order for them to have greater self-confidence and self-esteem. We work tirelessly to have a fair and exciting competition that will improve their confidence, present them with new friendships and making life long memories. Our program does not include a talent or bathing suit portion, nor they must be within a certain height or weight. This way we encourage everyone to participate because what we are most interested is in knowing the person.

! This program is based on 3 fundamental principles: positive self-image, internal beauty, and personal abilities.!

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Formal Competition

Thank you for considering this personal invitation to be part of the Miss Latina Tampa 2020

Program / Contest. Our formal competition is composed of:

  • Casting selection
  • Training based in the program principles
  • Latin Culture and Fashion
  • Personal Interview
  • Gala Night


4-11 years old                                                                            

 Babies – Juniors

We pride ourselves on the dignity and healthy competition on professional level we offer.

Every contestant will win, but will also be receiving modeling, dance, communication classes along with others.

No little girl deserves to think, “Why didn’t I win?”  In Miss Latina Tampa everybody wins

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22- 30 YEARS OLD

PARTICIPATE AND WIN    ! Great opportunities await you!

Miss Latina Tampa Ambassador is a new opportunity for ladies that are studying, and or are working. You will get self-confidence, and valuable communication skills, to become strong, confident ladies who can proceed into their career in life. Empowering Latinas! 

Improve your career and personal development, be the driver of your own destiny

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Online Voting

It is done a week before the contest; this result DOES NOT AFFECT THE SCORE IN THE COMPETENCE. The winners will receive a special recognition.

Optional Talent

The Academy of Miss Latina Tampa is created to help new talent pursue careers in the modeling, acting, Radio and Television industries. With focused programs to reinforce their self-esteem and confidence.

Start Now!     Follow Your Passion!    Keep Going & NEVER Give Up!

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