Miss Latina Tampa is a foundation with its unique purpose to support the female Latin community between the ages of 4 -21 years old and 22- 30 years old as a Ambassador of the Tampa bay area. With focused programs to reinforce their self-esteem and confidence. All the participants discover and evolve different areas of hidden talents such as empathy, cooperation, self-control, communication, and assertiveness which help lay the foundation for a better future in school or daily life.

This program is based on 3 fundamental principles: positive self-image, internal beauty, and personal abilities.

"Our objective is to help reinforce self-worth and confidence to help them achieve their dreams"

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Become part of the Latin culture and beauty of Tampa bay. Just like the previous years we are ready to start the new season. Our program is made up of professionals eager to teach our participants.

!Miss Latina invites you to be part of this wonderful experience!

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